Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why blog?

We blog to hear ourselves thinking as much as to share our thoughts. When I look back at what I've written, it's like revisiting that moment, relearning the lesson, remembering...

I've been helping one of my children to work through some sensitive family relationships. It's been painful for both of us to assess what needs to be said, or not said, but mostly for my son to work through that situation.

Today the Mass readings were about Elijah being renewed by God, fortified with food and water to journey on to Horeb and continue God's work with the Israelites.

When the consecration took place a few minutes after this reading, the elevation of the sacred bread reminded me of the hearth cake that Elijah was given to eat. How blessed we are that Christ makes himself available in the Eucharist to us every day...sustenance for our journey.

Elijah was given water to drink. Why then do we receive wine, Christ's blood? To remind us of God's mercy in offering his life for us.

We, too, are fortified for the day's journey but it doesn't end there because we are called to feed and have mercy on those present in our lives.