Monday, January 24, 2011

To Steve:

I went to Mass today to pray for the intention of your getting a good job, to the 11:30 one at the Basilica. Monk said the Mass. He’s not really warm or emotional in his presiding, so even though I was praying for you, I was surprised by a really strong feeling of motherly love that I experienced around Communion time.

Mothers have a unique bond with their children. When Mary Sarah was born it almost felt like a physical cord between her and my heart. When she’d cry, there was a corresponding hurt in my chest. Weird, huh? Anyway, I’m sure fathers feel strong feelings for their children, too, but it’s got to be very different from a mother, who carries and nourishes a child through a very fragile period at the beginning of life.

And I was thanking God for letting me participate in creation, by being pregnant and giving birth. Then I realized that God the Father, who is the source of all life and the supreme Creator, must feel an immensely stronger version of my mother love. God’s love for you is personal, unconditional, and infinitely tender. I love you really imperfectly, but God loves you perfectly. Whatever comes—a great job, a tentative one, or whatever—you are loved.

It all made sense to me at the end of Mass. Of course, today’s the March for Life and I am at Notre Dame, so Our Lady must be interceding, stirring up grace in mothers’ hearts for all the children, born and unborn.

Love you, son.