Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What if we were born with a personal GPS system, a kind of spiritual guidance mechanism, to warn us throughout our lives when we’re heading in the wrong direction?

“Danger--Poor choice, dead end, unpleasant consequences ahead. Turn left 180 degrees and increase speed...” or something like that? That’s what Paul Doyle asked us to consider today.

Very helpful for those of us who don’t pay attention to movements of grace or the lack of its presence in our lives.

Despite our best intentions, our attention wanders mercilessly, till we’re going through the motions of living instead of listening/looking for opportunities of grace. One reason prayer is so important is because it forces us to stop, allows us to ponder what we wouldn’t even notice otherwise.

So today I will stop myself again and try to feel it blowing, to be lifted up beyond what I see/how I see with my landlocked eyes/mind.

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