Friday, May 7, 2010

So much life all around

Bulbs have been removed from the ground and annuals are being planted in anticipation of begonias around the Grotto. The flowering trees were beautiful this year and relatively undisturbed by frost (though we might have frost this Sunday for Mother's Day).

The birds are riotously loud in the morning. So much to accomplish in these lengthening spring days.

This week we re-watched the History Channel's "The Real Face of Jesus" and I've been thinking about Christ's suffering in his Passion and Death as reflected in the Shroud. Then today it struck me that Eucharist is ground wheat and crushed grapes, made possible by the same Passion and Death.

Finally, Incarnation is a powerful image...wrapping the eternal God in flesh, omnipotence, power, wisdom, grace confined within human expression.

Lowly entrance into our world, a refugee baby, a King enthroned in poverty, opened Himself/His Way/His Kingdom to detractors, disbelievers, uncomprehending annihilators. All that for us. What Love!

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